The Best Way To Use SnapChat For Your Business


I mean, let’s face it, this is probably THE most talked about social media ‘platform’ right now.

Because it’s hot.

It’s ‘new’.

And it’s growing rapidly.

Which means that, unless you’ve been snapping for a while, you’re going to want to know how to use this awesome platform for your business.

Thankfully, it’s not as hard as it may seem.

However, it does take some practice. And some dedication.


So, getting followers is kind of crucial to your marketing plan.

As a matter of fact, you kind of have no marketing plan with no followers (obviously)

But getting snapchat followers isn’t as easy as finding followers on other social media platforms.

However, the followers you DO get on SnapChat are generally much more invested.

The quickest way to get yourself some followers is to promote your SnapCode.

Here is what your SnapCode will look like:


Now, before you go getting pumped about your SnapCode being pink (because who wouldn’t), I want you to keep in mind that mine was branded.

Here is what it generally will look like.

OG SnapCode

Notice that it is yellow (the SnapChat brand color) and it is a selfie that SnapChat had me take when I signed in.

Not pretty, but it works.

The branded one up there? Well, if you’ve got about $5 you can get one like it on Fiverr.

OR, if you are tech savvy and know your way around Illustrator, I can show you how to do it in about 10 mins (I did that one myself, I’m proud to say)

Anyway, your snap code needs to go everywhere.

And I do mean everywhere.

At least for a while.

If you follow me on social media at all, you will recognize that pink SnapCode as my profile picture on Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Page picture and IG posts.

Because promoting your SnapCode to your current followers is the BEST way to get yourself some targeted, interested followers.

Another way to get followers is an app called Ghost Codes.

Ghost codes allows you to set up a profile, add your SnapCode, and let people know what ‘category’ you are snapping under.

I chose Entrepreneur but there are tons of other categories.

Honestly, this is the only way to ‘search’ for people to follow.

SnapChat doesn’t allow you to ‘search’ or ‘browse’ so Ghost Codes it is!

Now, one other ‘popular’ way to get followers is to head on to Fiverr and have someone with a large following shout you out.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I, personally, have never tried it. Because that just really isn’t my thing. But! I’m not going to knock anyone that does because if it works, it works. And that’s what matters.


Actually snapping to your followers is your next step!

So, in snapchat there are two main ways to ‘Snap’

First, you can send snaps to individual people.

Second, you can add snaps to your ‘story’.

Your story is basically the past 24 hours of your snaps all put together in one continuous, well, story.

The story is where it’s at in terms of SnapChatting.

Adding to your story, frequently, gets you pushed up to the top of someones feed of friends, which gets you seen more.

Plus, it allows everyone that follows you to see what you have to say, not just a few people here and there.

Keeping your story ‘topped off’ with a good amount of pictures and videos is sure to net you some screen time from your followers.

Make sure that 90% of your snaps are information/fun/general non sales based.

Because that is the point of this platform.

Fun, knowledge, excitement.

Here is a good idea of what I snap:

SnapChat Marketing Tips! from Megan Anthony on Vimeo.

Intersperse your sales into there every so often. And I recommend making even those posts fun.

Add a cool filter, do something exciting in the video, add a link to your text and request your followers to screenshot the link so they can find your sales page.

Now, remember those individual snaps I told you about earlier?

They are about to come in handy.

When a fan, or potential client, snaps you, personally, with a short video or pic expressing how much they enjoy your snaps, it’s always a good idea to snap them back.

Even if it as simple as you snapping a pic of you doing a thumbs up with a ‘good job’ text, or ‘thank you’.

Something simple that shows you personally saw it and care. Goes a long, long way.

SnapChat can be HUGE for your business! Seriously. You just have to let it work for you, get yourself on there, and get yourself SEEN.


I mean, let's face it, this is probably THE most talked about social media 'platform' right now.

Because it's hot.

It's 'new'.

And it's growing rapidly.

Which means that, unless you've been snapping for a while, you're going to want to know how to use this awesome platform for your business.

Thankfully, it's not as hard as it may seem.

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