How I Use Tailwind Hashtag Finder to Skyrocket My Instagram

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Instagram can be an amazing way to drive traffic to your website, but only if you use it properly and create a fabulous feed for your followers to actively engage with and enjoy. I took training after training on Instagram and spent forever trying to figure it all out, without much success. However, I have finally figured out what works best for me, and my feed, and how I’m finally getting people to engage with my stuff. Hopefully, my strategy works for you too!


Listen, your Instagram is a showcase of your brand. Flat out. And in order to REALLY give people a feel of you, your business, and what you do, you have got to get your style figured out.

I keep all of my stuff clean, simple, professional and slightly feminine. Because that’s what my brand and, honestly, who I am as a person, is really like. So my Instagram reflects that. When you go to my feed, everything is fairly consistent with what you will find not only on my website, but across all of my platforms as well.


Instagram allows you to have 30 hashtags per post and honestly, I use every single one of them in the majority of my posts. Because it helps me get found and it helps me connect with the people who not only will benefit from what I post, but people who I will enjoy following as well.

Hashtags are crucial in Instagram marketing, and it took me forEVer to figure out which hashtags worked best for my business.

That’s why I was soooo excited for Tailwind to launch their hashtag finder tool in their Instagram scheduling platform.

Let me tell you what, I use this thing all of the time when I schedule out my posts, and it’s really stepped up my posting potential!

I made a quick video below to show I use the tool on a daily basis.


Instagram isn’t all about you and what you post.

Make sure you are actively engaging with others, liking and commenting on their stuff, replying to comments on your posts, and really having fun on the platform!

If you don’t interact with others, your feed will grow stale, and people will think you are only in it for yourself. You really don’t want that. So take some time, 5-10 minutes a day, and have fun with other posters feeds, and make yourself seen and heard.

I took forever to start my Instagram journey, and I’m just now finally seeing a huge return on that investment. Tools like Tailwind really made it easy(er) for me to see the full potential of Instagram.

Leave your Instagram handle below and I’ll be sure to check out the killer feed you create!

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