4 Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies

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So, as you can remember from our earlier article, 5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Beginner Businesses, I don’t really like telling people there is only ONE way to do things. In fact, that’s not a thing I think anyone should do.

However, I do love to give strategy advice, tips and tricks that you can take and implement in your own business to amplify what you are currently doing.

1) Create A Subscriber Hub

There is nothing I love more than a solid subscriber hub.

But what exactly is a subscriber hub?

It’s an amazing free ‘membership style’ place to store all of your ‘free information’.

Have you done a killer webinar? Pop it in there.

Created some free courses or tutorials? Perfect.

Written a ton of a guest posts that you’d like for people on your list to have access to? Slap those links in there, friend!

There are a few reasons for having a hub like this:

  1. You have 1 place to send everyone on your list to every time you send out an email, so it keeps it all concise and consistent

  2. You have a place to give your subscribers where they can interact with your business and you in a very ‘high touch’ way

  3. It lets those who are in your ‘sphere’ interact with the way you teach, and the type of information you put out, giving them a better idea on what they will get when they sign up to learn from you

This creates more of an experience and a relationship with people on your subscriber list, instead of just talking at them and selling to them as soon as you can.

2) Create a sense of community

Facebook groups are generally the ‘go-to’ here, and while that does sound super over done, it works. And it works well.

I personally know of, and work with, many marketers and business owners who are reaping amazing rewards from keeping a sense of community surrounding their business and brand.

The community keeps your brand top of mind, especially if you work hard at keeping the community active and engaged.

Think about it, if you are in a Facebook group for a brand and constantly networking with new people, getting interesting ideas, and having your ideas validated by the people of that community, when the brand offers something, you are much more likely to buy from them.

3) Rethink The Sales Funnel

Sales funnels, love them or hate them, are here to stay.

And they are here to stay because literally everything you do to promote your business is part of your ‘sales funnel’.

That blog post you just put out? Beginning of your sales funnel, because it’s creating awareness for your brand.

Sales page for your course? Again, part of a funnel.

So many people think a sales funnel is the ‘traditional’ model of ‘optin, webinar, sales page’ or ‘opting, tripwire, sales page’ and think that’s a funnel.


Create a funnel, and make it magical, but make it yours. Make it fit the look and feel and esthetic of your business and brand.

By creating the community and the member hug we talked about above, your funnel will automatically be much more personal and ‘high touch’ than the average funnel, therefore making it substantially better.

4) Focus on Organic, always

Just like when we all first started out, focusing big time on organic traffic is huge for advancing digital marketing strategies!

Right now (as of this writing) my sole focus is organic. I pay for Tailwind (which is killer for my Pinterest strategy), but outside of that, I pay nothing for my traffic.

And I love that. I get traffic, every single day.

Targeted traffic that opts in to my stuff, and interacts with my brand, and is free.

The biggest reason I absolutely push organic traffic above anything else is not budgetary in the slightest. In fact, a good ad strategy is absolutely amazing for tons of great traffic and you can get fabulous ROI these days, making it a killer investment.

No, I push organic traffic because you own it, more than any ad traffic you can bring in the door.

Facebook and Google ad accounts get shut down, all of the time. Just about every other day I hear of yet another ad account that has been shut down, leaving the owner stuck without a solid traffic plan.

However, for the life of your website and business, you own that organic traffic. Barring something horrific, no one is going to just come in and shut your website down. And your content on that site is what is going to bring in that organic traffic.

As you can see, I’m a big fan of what is often referred to as ‘relationship marketing’.

It’s less about bringing people into my world, getting them on my list, and selling to them, and instead bringing them in and interacting with them like actual, real life people. By creating a community, giving lots of free information, and creating killer content, I make sure everyone knows how much I value them taking the time to interact with my business.

And that, is the biggest digital marketing strategy I can give!

Once you get the basics down for your digital marketing strategy, it’s time to really ramp it up and add in some amazing advanced strategies to really get your marketing off on the right foot!

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