Creating Value for Your Audience in 2019

When it comes to catching the eye of your audience, you can never go wrong with value. Over and over again, so many people lead with what they think will get the leads and sales, but at the end of the day, those leads and customers, are people. Giving value, working hard FOR them, and caring about how they are using your content is what will keep them coming back. And with so much noise in the ... Read the Post

Are you ready to give your readers, and everyone else who finds you online, TONS of value? Give them all that they are asking for, and more!

The Benefits of Creating a Subscriber Hub

Every online business owner hears the same advice day in and day out:‘You need to add people to your list! The money is in the list!’ And while that may be true, just slapping a person on your email list after they decide to download your optin, and sending them some cool emails every once in a while isn’t going to cut it. I mean, sure, you will get leads. You will get people buying. And you will ... Read the Post

It’s one thing to have a subscriber join your list and send them some value driven emails. It’s another to fully immerse them in your world by giving them a hub full of value, extra information, and a way to interact with you.

Can Pinterest Really Increase Your Organic Traffic

When it comes to driving traffic to your website, there are literally hundreds of different tactics you can use to get results. Some paid, some free, but all of them have a time, place, and benefit depending upon what your business is and the goal of the traffic. That said, right now, Pinterest is my current favorite traffic source. Period. Well, I should say it’s my current favorite ORGANIC ... Read the Post

We all hear so much buzz surrounding Pinterest for business, but is it really that beneficial? Here is my traffic driving experiment using Pinterest