Etsy Vs Shopify: 2020 Comparison

One of the biggest decisions a handmade seller needs to make when they start this business is: what platform, ultimately, will be best as their sales platform? Sure, Etsy comes with lots of traffic attached. But what about all of those fees? And you ultimately don't own your actual store, do you? And Shopify is wonderful because you can host it on your own website, making it much more yours. But ... Read the Post

5 Things Every Digital Marketer Needs to Keep In Mind

Digital marketing encompasses a wide variety of different aspects, I guess you would say of tossing your content online and getting people to want to buy what it is that you have to sell. There are multiple different ways that you can get people to; read your content, listen to you, watch you,interact with your brandThen, get them to  want to purchase what it is that you're you or your brand ... Read the Post

Digital marketing is an every changing industry. But there are certain things that stay consistent, year to year, no matter what! These 5 things should be top of your list to keep your business, and your clients business, up and running the best way possible!

Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

If you've been around the digital marketing landscape for long you know the drill.As soon as the new year approaches there's going to be a new digital marketing trends that everybody's going to be talking about that's the hot new thing.But the truth of the matter is these trends have been around for awhile, they're just becoming more prevalent as more and more people are using them.Which means ... Read the Post

New year, new trends! Every year, we see certain digital marketing trends come and go, with a few exceptions of tried and true methods that stick around! What trends will be hot this year, and how can you use them to skyrocket your reader engagement, and retention? Click through to find out!